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Ship's Log

Named after Nathaniel Bowditch, who was responsible for the perfection of celestial navigation that is still utilized to this day. It had little utilization, other than being used for spoil piles, which is the material that is removed (dredged) from the sea floor in order to make navigable channels for vessel use. This use led to it having the highest land elevation point on the island, 22 feet above sea level.


Bowditch Point Regional Park is 17 acres that is located at the northern tip of Estero Island. It is actually a dual use facility in which approx. 7 acres are a developed park for passive recreational use and the remaining 10 acres a restoration/preserve area. This serene location, which encompasses the entire end of the island, offers a choice of settings to fulfill your needs. The backbay offers quiet waters, peaceful surroundings and a close up look of vessels entering and exiting the bay.

The gulf front is more active while still providing a relaxed atmosphere for walkers, swimmers and sunbathers. Walking trails, through the restoration/preserve area, carry you through varied environments and offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching while being highlighted by panoramic views of Estero Bay. This is one of the first beaches LCPR made accessible for individuals with disabilities from parking area to the Gulf of Mexico. There is also an accessible Boat dock.

The park area features tables and grills, available on a first come first serve basis, in a shaded tropical setting sure to please any picnicker.

This article has information taken from the Lee Parks website