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Learn to Sail a Catamaran

Learn to Sail a Catamaran Cruise

Learn to Sail a Catamaran!



learn to sail fort myers beach

Have you ever wanted to learn to sail?

Maybe you already own a powerboat or a traditional monohull sailboat and you're wondering what it would be like sailing a catamaran?

Charter the Old Glory for a private cruise and learn to sail a catamaran!

Join Skipper Bud for a quarter-day (2.5 hours), half-day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours) of sailing on San Carlos Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and he'll literally "show you the ropes..." of course, on a sailboat, 
rope is always referred to as lines, halyards, or sheets depending on its intended use. You'll learn this and more! 

Take a turn at the helm and test your ability to steer a straight course; Help trim the sails during a tacking maneuver and crank away on the primary jib sheet winches; Learn how to identify the clues on the water's surface as to what the true wind is doing; Keep an eye on the tell-tales affixed to the sails to see what the apparent wind angle is for proper sail trim; or, just kick back and relax while watching your friends.

This cruise makes for a great date with that special someone...or a great birthday present for someone who's always wanted to learn to sail.

Learn to sail catamaran SAIL SWFL Cruises

Rate: $120/Hr. (3-Hour minimum booking required)

Short Cruise (3 hours)- $360.00
Half Day (4 hours)- $480.00
Full Day (8 hours)- $960.00


- Private cruise (4 hours or 8 hours)
- Rate includes up to 6 total passengers
- Reservations required
- Captain included

This is private party-only cruise! Your party of up to 6 people will have the boat all to yourselves; where we sail and what we do during your learn to sail a catamaran cruise is entirely up to you!





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