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Dolphin Watching


Join us for Dolphin Watching Cruises and Tours!


There's nothing else that instantly causes more excitement and captures everyone's attention onboard our boat like a dolphin sighting.

These beautiful, intelligent animals are the highlight of every cruise whenever we're lucky enough to spot them. They can be elusive — sometimes appearing out of the blue sea when we're not even looking for them.

But just like people, they have their favorite haunts, for feeding, mating or recreation. Some of these favorite spots we know, and some we just have to go out sailing in order to find.

Depart Salty Sam's Marina and steam under power into San Carlos Bay where we can raise the sails for a relaxing cruise over to Sanibel Island where our dolphin friends often like to congregate. 

We'll shut down the engines and keep a watch on all points for the distinctive dorsal fin breaching the water's surface as they take a quick gulp of fresh air.  

Spend the afternoon, or the whole day, enjoying the sensation of sailing on the sea and watching for dolphins. Of course, we can't guarantee we'll see them, but if we do, be sure to have your camera ready!

...and bring the kids!

Seeing a dolphin or two coming up behind our stern in our wake never fails to excite and thrill children like nothing us: kids LOVE seeing the dolphins at sea in their native habitat. We've seen them jump clear of the water! 

Forget SeaWorld! Take a dolphin watching cruise with us and experience Mother Nature at her best! 

Allow at least three hours for the cruise out, plus time to take some amazing pictures, and then the return cruise home. 

Also, we would be doing our ocean friends a huge disservice if we didn't emphasize the following:

Feeding wild dolphins is harmful and ILLEGAL...please respect their natural instinct to hunt for fresh seafood on their own (they're really good at it!) and keep your lunch and snacks to yourself! 


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