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Family picnic aboard Old Glory catamaran near Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Lighthouse Catamaran Lunch Cruise


This catamaran sailing cruise made for the most wonderful afternoon with my family!

My wife and her family are from Holland and they recently flew over here to join us for our 1st wedding anniversary which we celebrated together at Wiggins Pass State Park. While they were here, our Dutch visitors asked what they could do for a fun, memorable experience that everyone could enjoy. 

I suggested my favorite pastime: a cruise aboard Old Glory with me and Skipper Bud. 


My First Sail Aboard Catamaran Old Glory

When my wife surprised me for my 35th birthday in May, 2013, with a handwritten "ticket" for a sailing cruise, I was thrilled!

But in response, I told her: "We have to find a catamaran!"

She asked: "What's the difference?"

"Catamarans are a completely different sailing experience," I replied. "They're a lifestyle."

I'll try to explain.

I've been a catamaran fanatic since I was a teenager. I grew up sailing on a lake in Texas aboard my father's San Juan 24 (a traditional, monohull sailboat) on the weekends. These happy times created a love of sailing that I've had ever since.

But before I turned 12, dad sold the sailboat and packed us all into the family station wagon and moved to Florida, leaving the lake behind for the big, beautiful Gulf of Mexico. A few years later, while accompanying my parents to a big boat show, I discovered the large, luxurious, cruising catamaran.

I was amazed that any sailboat could be so spacious, both above and below decks.

Unfortunately we didn't get to go out for a test sail on any of the catamarans that day at the boat show, but I was hooked.

The big cats promised adventure at sea, unmatched comfort, and supreme relaxtion in tranquil tourquoise waters. And the dream of owning one of my own someday was born.


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