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The Perfect Family Sunset Cruise on Catamaran Old Glory


No matter how many times I've been out sailing with Skipper Bud on the Old Glory catamaran (160+ cruises and counting!), I always find something unique to cherish.

Sometimes it's a spectacular sunset, or seeing a dolphin jump clear of the water...other times it's the wind, blowing hard enough from just the right direction to give us perfect sailing conditions. 

On this occasion a few weeks ago, it was the very special treat of being joined by my newborn son for his first sunset cruise.


2018 Haul Out 

There's nothing like a good scrub and a fresh coat of anti-fouling paint to combat the effects of time for any ocean-borne vessel. 

In the old days, sailing ships were intentionally grounded (preferably, on a flat, sandy beach) during high tide so that when the tide went out again, the ship's hull would be exposed for cleaning and repairs below the water line. 

Our haul-out, though, wasn't quite so difficult. 

Family picnic aboard Old Glory catamaran near Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Lighthouse Catamaran Lunch Cruise


This catamaran sailing cruise made for the most wonderful afternoon with my family!

My wife and her family are from Holland and they recently flew over here to join us for our 1st wedding anniversary which we celebrated together at Wiggins Pass State Park. While they were here, our Dutch visitors asked what they could do for a fun, memorable experience that everyone could enjoy. 

I suggested my favorite pastime: a cruise aboard Old Glory with me and Skipper Bud.