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Snow(sea)bird Season is Here...Let's Go Sailing! 

After taking some long-overdue, well-deserved time off for both our captains and our boat, we're ready to go sailing again! 

Our visitor-friends from points north (those we affectionately call "snow birds") are once again among us. Sharing our roads, our restuarants and hotels, our shopping malls...and our water! 

To welcome everyone back, SAIL SWFL Cruises is offering a special discount on our private cruises and tours. 

During the winter months (December - February), we're taking $60 off of our 2-hour cruises and tours (normally priced at $360) AND tossing in an extra 1/2 hour aboard the boat. 

That's a 2 1/2-hour sail for $300. And you can bring up to 6 people! 

Weather Looks Good for Christmas Week

Though we've had some really rough seas and high winds following the passage of a cold front the last few days, the weather forecast for the week of Christmas looks outstanding! 

Temperaturs will generally climb into the mid-70s, with sunny-to-partly-cloudy skies. 

Seas only around 2 feet or less out on the Gulf, making for pleasant sailing conditions.  

You can check Windfinder here for the latest weather forecast for our area. 

If we don't see you out on the water next week, we wish you a very safe and happy holiday season.

And Merry Christmas!

—Capt. Kris, SAIL SWFL Cruises