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Ship's (B)Log


When my wife surprised me on my birthday a few years ago with a handwritten "ticket" for a sailing cruise, I was thrilled but told her that we should try to find a catamaran to go out on. 

I've been a catamaran fanatic for more than a decade and knew all about their benefits of stable, flat sailing and ample lounging space from my time working at The Catamaran Company in Fort Lauderdale.

Even before that, I marveled at the lifestyle of leisure they promised in the full-page print ads I always saw in Cruising World and Sail magazines and dreamed of the day when I'd get the chance to live like that...even if for just a few hours. 

My wife was sold on the idea and we queried Google for "sailing catamaran Fort Myers" and found SAIL SWFL, the Old Glory and Skipper Bud. 

What a great time we had! 

Though this was by no means my first sail aboard a fine cruising cat, it was the by far the funnest. 

We had a great sail and saw a splendid sunset later that evening...and began what would become a lasting, dear friendship with the boat's captain. 

I'm happy to share my experience and the pure joy that it gave me in an article I wrote for the magazine I used to be the editor of...

Read the article by Kristoffer Stewart published in MULTIHULLS Magazine!