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My First Sail Aboard Old Glory

When my wife surprised me for my 35th birthday in May, 2013, with a handwritten "ticket" for a sailing cruise, I was thrilled beyond words.

...But in response, I told her: "We have to find a catamaran!"  

I've been a catamaran fanatic since I was boy. I grew up sailing on a lake in Texas aboard my father's San Juan 24 on the weekends. But after accompanying my parents to a big boat show after we had moved to Florida and seeing all the big cats there, changed the course of my life forever.

Years later, one of my first marketing jobs was Editor of MULTIHULLS MAGAZINE, published by the The Catamaran Company in Fort Lauderdale. There, I learned all about their benefits of stable, flat sailing and ample lounging space.

Catamarans just seemed like the perfect way to relax and enjoy life on the water. 

Even before my stint at The Catamaran Company, I marveled at the lifestyle of leisure they promised in the full-page print ads I always saw in Cruising World and Sail magazine and dreamed of the day when I'd get the chance to live like that. 

My wife was sold on the idea of finding a catamaran for my birthday cruise, and we queried Google for "sailing catamaran Fort Myers" and found SAIL SWFL, the Old Glory, and Skipper Bud. 

What a great time we had! 

Though this was by no means my first sail aboard a fine cruising cat, but it was the by far the funnest. 

We had a great sail and saw a splendid sunset later that evening on the way back to our berth...and began what would become a lasting, dear friendship with the boat's captain. 

I'm happy to share my experience and the pure joy that it gave me in an article I wrote for the magazine I used to be the editor of...

Read the article by Kristoffer Stewart published in MULTIHULLS Magazine!