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Catamaran Lunch Cruise:

"I'll Take that Order 'To-Go' Please!"

Many of our guests who come cruising with us bring a nice lunch and drinks with them and enjoy it on the boat. 

This crew pretty much "forgot" lunch and instead just brought the drinks....a case of beer and a bottle of Hornitos® Tequila.

They had a great time. 

And then they got really hungry! 

When you charter a private sailing cruise with us, you'll have the Old Glory all to yourself. What we do on your cruise is completely up to you...and that includes where we stop for lunch. 

On this occasion, we were sailing a southeasterly course, roughly following the 1 fathom depth curve line on our chart, which kept us close to shore as we sailed down Estero Island, past Fort Myers Beach. 

It turns out that right about when this group got hungry, there was a great place to nearby to grab some grub, right on the beach: Pinchers Crab Shack. 



We pulled in close to the beach (as close as we could without risking a grounding), and dropped our hook (the anchor) in about 5-6 feet of water. 

Though the water temp was about 75 degrees (chilly by my standards!! I only start swimming in May!), this group nominated three brave souls (all of them women) to jump in and swim/wade ashore to grab lunch. 

Using their cell phones, it was easy for them to dial up Pinchers and order their lunch on the boat...and then SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! 

Three ladies went over the side (we're saving up to buy an outboard motor-powered dingy for the boat...), and although they couldn't touch bottom where we anchored, it was a very short, easy swim (in calm water, mind you) to the beach...while the guys waited onboard, guzzling beer (I know, I know...typical, right?). 



The ladies killed some time ashore on the beach, while the guys hung out on the boat with me and Skipper Bud. 

But they were back before long, making their way through the water (even swimming with it as they got closer to the boat, in water just over their heads) with lunch for themselves AND an AWESOME cheeseburgers and fries for the Captain and I securely protected in plastic bags, along with their cell phone and credit cards too! 


What a FUN cruise this turned out to be... everyone enjoyed the lunch from our friends at Pincher's, and then it was time to make our way back to the marina. 

After more than 160 cruises I've done with Skipper Bud, this was one for the Hall of Fame! 

Join us for lunch or dinner any time! 

There are lots of places just like Pinchers were we can either anchor offshore nearby, or, pull up to a dock at the restaurant...and you won't even have to get wet!!

— Kristoffer, SAIL SWFL Cruises