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Catamaran Cruising on St. Patricks Day


We enjoyed several terrific catamaran sailing cruises last Saturday, 3/17, and LOTS of beautiful GREEN Gulf water to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!


With light air from the SW at around 6 knots for our first 4-hour cruise of the day, we put the sails up and headed down Fort Myers Beach, cruising past the pier close enough that everyone could see us!

Then we brought the boat about (turned around) and headed for Sanibel Island so our guests could get some nice shots of the lighthouse at Point Ybel: 

Following the relatively deep channel that flows around the Point, we continued past Sanibel Marina and cruised up to the Sanibel Island Causeway Bridge...just close enough that the traffic driving over the bridge could see us and the fun they were missing out on. 

If our guests had more time, we could have continued along our northeasterly heading and sailed underneath at the causeway's 70-ft tall opening at its eastern end at Punta Rassa, passing St. James City at the southern point of Pine Island and picking up the ICW in Pine Island Sound:

But it was time to head the boat across San Carlos Bay and back to Salty Sam's in order to drop off our guests and pick up our next charter. 

With only three hours for our next private charter cruise which began at 3PM, our guest, Nick, and friends from Minnesota, just wanted to have a good time on the boat with music, group photos and drinks while we searched for the breeze. 

Winds were still light but we did the get chance to shut the engines off and with the sails up, headed out into the Gulf for some relaxing sailing and suntanning at sea. 

Thanks to Sharon + family and to Nicholas + friends for joining us for St. Patrick's Day cruising! 

Baby Onboard

The next day, on Sunday, we were joined by this tiny guest and his family: 


This youngster is only 6 weeks old!

And yet he wasn't the slightest trouble for his momma and daddy. The gentle rocking of the boat as we made our way around San Carlos Bay must have reminded him of being back in the womb. 

Although the wind was light again, we put the sails up and shut the engines off for a beautiful afternoon cruise down Estero Island and then headed out to search for more wind just offshore. 

It was a beautiful, calm day on the water...perfect for relaxing after a wild weekend or just a long work week.

And we certainly weren't the only catamaran out and about enjoying the water today: 

Before long it was time to head back in. I powered up the engines and left the sails up for a nice motor sail up the channel leading through Matanzas Pass and back to the dock.

On approach to the San Carlos Blvd. bridge, we rolled up the jib and dropped the mainsail easily now that we were headed into the wind. Looking aft, I was able to snap a nice shot:


Boat traffic in the channel wasn't nearly as congested as it was the day before.

After we cleared the bridge, I throttled back on the engines and quietly slipped by the mooring field, which made for some scenic pictures for our guests, as we made our way back to the marina.


A great ending to a beautiful weekend of fun and sailing. 

Thank you to Aleta + family for joining us! 

We hope to see you again aboard Old Glory soon!!


— Kristoffer, SAIL SWFL Cruises