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Snow(sea)bird Season is Here...Let's Go Sailing! 

After taking some long-overdue, well-deserved time off for both our captains and our boat, we're ready to go sailing again! 

Our visitor-friends from points north (those we affectionately call "snow birds") are once again among us. Sharing our roads, our restuarants and hotels, our shopping malls...and our water! 

To welcome everyone back, SAIL SWFL Cruises is offering a special discount on our private cruises and tours. 


Sunset Cruise to San Carlos Island

A few weeks ago the captain of the Old Glory catamaran treated his guests to an unexpected tour of the western end of San Carlos Island. We had just returned from an absolutely stunning sunset cruise over to Sanibel Island when our captain decided to take an unusual route back to the dock at Salty Sam's Marina.

View the video I shot and posted to YouTube here!

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'Weather' We Sail or Not

Firmly within the category of "Things in This Life Not Under Our Control" is the weather.

We love much in fact, that we wish we could go sailing Every! Single!! Day!!!

But the irrefutable fact is: The wind, weather and the sea are in charge of whether we sail or not.