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Capt Bud

Captain Bud R. Fuchs - Owner of Sail SWFL


Skipper Bud has owned and operated boats for over 40 years. He has had the pleasure of being captain on everything from a 56ft. Bertram International powerboat to his catamaran sailboat, S/V Old Glory. Being on the water is one of his favorite places to be, especially in Florida.

Skipper Bud has been a full time Florida resident since 2004, but before retiring in Florida, he was born, raised and educated at Purdue University in Indiana. He was inducted into the US Army in 1966.

The Skipper decided to start Sail SWFL one day when his friends from Canada were visiting him. This was the third year in a row that they had come to visit and Bud took them out on his catamaran sailboat.

Every time they came down, his friends asked him why he wasn’t doing this full time and getting paid for it. The third time must have been a charm because that’s when he finally decided to begin Sail SWFL and share his joy of sailing and being on the water with the good folks of Southwest Florida.