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The Old Glory


This two-hulled sailing vessel is more than 15 feet wide, providing nearly 33% more deck space and lounging area
than a comparably-sized traditional sailboat.

Catamarans like Old Glory are designed to sail mostly upright, eliminating the heeling you would experience
on a regular, single-hulled sailboat.

Trust us, staying level out on the ocean is a good thing when you set your drink down!


Book Your Catamaran Sailing Cruise Today! 

We can accommodate up to a total of six passengers; individual hourly rates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Or, book a private-party captained charter and have the entire boat to yourself! 

Off-season and In-season rates apply; call for details.


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We wish we could go sailing every single day. 

But Mother Nature is always in control of wether we can go out or not. We advise our guests to check the weather report before booking their cruise.

In the event of high winds or inclement weather like squalls, thunderstorms and approaching tropical systems, we will have to reschedule your party for another time. 

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You'll find the Old Glory on "B" Dock at Salty Sam's Marina, directly behind the Original Shrimp Dock Bar & Grill.